PASS 18+ for Festival Fun

It’s hard to imagine, that we will have a hot balmy summer since spring has practically passed us by with barely a dry day. With Easter behind us, we are full steam ahead towards Festival season.

With Glastonbury having their Fallow year to give the site a chance to recover, you will be looking at other destinations for this year. However with two years to plan Glastonbury 2019, you can be sure that it will be a year to remember!  Check out The UK festivals calendar for 2018  (www.thefestivalcalendar.co.uk).

From pop to rock, you will be spoilt for choice.

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Business Expo

Basingstoke Business Expo 2018

My ID Card – PASS Proof of Age, will be attending Basingstoke Business Expo 2018 this Thursday, 22nd March.

The Expo is being held at the Apollo Hotel and is run by B2B Expos in conjunction with The Best of Basingstoke.

Entry is free, just register your interest to attend by visiting the B2B Expos website.

This is an excellent opportunity to discuss the benefits of PASS Proof of age cards and why it is the safest and least expensive form of ID for a night out.

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Christmas Shopping

ID for Christmas Shopping

December is here and the Christmas shopping countdown begins.

Whether you are a well organised shopper or a last-minute grabber, there’s plenty of choice on both the high street and online sales; for great Christmas gifts for all the family.

We are all aware that when purchasing alcohol or tobacco products, it is likely that we will be asked to prove our age. Here are a few surprises that you may not be aware of.

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Fireworks Night

Rocket into Firework Weekend

Don’t let your Bonfire weekend fizzle out – My ID Card – ID for Fireworks

November 5th 1605 signifies the failed attempt of Guy Fawkes to remove King James I from the throne, and restore Britain’s Catholic monarchy by blowing up the houses of Parliament.  Bonfire or fireworks night has become an English tradition – setting off fireworks with the local community, centred around a Bonfire.


Local, Bars, Clubs and Pubs have great fun dressing up their establishments for a fun night for all, often promoting happy hour and special drinks promotions. Some even, if in the right location; have their own bonfire and fireworks display.  Usually these themed nights will require a ticket and/or an enhanced door entry fee. Don’t forget your ID for clubs

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Managing your money at university

It’s September, you arrive in a new university town full of parties and freedom and you’ve got hundreds or thousands of pounds of student loan in your bank account. Are you tempted to go on a luxury shopping spree, followed by cocktails and a slap up meal? Why stop there? Splash out on an Xbox or a new phone and join the swankiest gym in town.

Fast forward to November… you’re living off a diet of value pasta and tinned tomatoes, you’re involuntarily teetotal, student nights are spent in your bedroom trawling through Netflix trying to find something you haven’t watched yet. You’re lonely, hungry and you can’t afford a new winter coat so leaving the house is an arctic experience.

If only you’d gone for 2 for 1 cocktail student nights and bought two new dresses instead of sixteen full-on outfits.

I know it might seem boring, but planning your spending at university in advance can really help you avoid a financial black hole half way through the term.

We’ve put together a few tips for managing your money at university.

Eat cheap

Whether you’re partial to kale or a kebab, your food shop doesn’t need to be expensive. There are lots of budget supermarkets around where you can do a weekly shop for under £20. Find your nearest Lidl, Aldi or Asda and buy fresh food rather than prepared food to make your pennies go further. Searching for recipes on a budget online will give you plenty of ideas for tasty and cheap meals like curries and bolognaise – they’re often on supermarket websites. Look out for deals and own brand cheaper versions of the same product.

Try not to lose stuff

We know it’s not always easy to keep all your belongings together, especially when you’re sharing a house and studying in different locations and campuses. But each time you lose a thing, you have to replace that thing, which usually costs money. Whether it be a jumper, bag or something more valuable like your wallet or your over 18 ID, this is cash down the drain. If you have cheaper versions of the item in first place though, it’s not so bad. For example using your passport for over 18 (and losing it) would cost you around £80 to replace. A PASS ID card like My ID Card is official over 18 ID and only costs £15 to replace if you lose it. That’s a little easier to come to terms with (and to apply for) than a new and expensive passport.

Student nights

Student nights are always cheaper than your standard nightclub entry, and arguably more fun. They’ll most likely include some deals on drinks too. You could cut down the cost of your night out from £50 to £20. Remember your over 18 ID so you don’t get turned away.


You might have spreadsheets coming out of your ears depending on what you’re studying for your degree, but planning your finances in Excel is the key to being richer! Try and work out what you’ll spend each month on bills, food, going out and clothes and split it so you have enough to last you until your next chunk of money comes in. It’ll make life less stressful and you won’t go hungry after the first two weeks of being at uni.


It can seem like a bit of catwalk at university, but you don’t need to buy designer labels to look fabulous. Try and catch all the seasons sales for half price or less items, or find cheaper alternatives of  the latest trends in shops like H&M and Primark. You can look amazing without spending a fortune! Use Pinterest and Instagram for fashion inspiration.Charity shops are always worth a look too. One mans’s trash is a hipsters vintage treasure.


Keeping fit doesn’t have to cost money. Save yourself £30-£60 on gym membership by making up your own exercise regimes to do at home or the local park. Running, HIIT workouts and yoga are all things you can do to keep in shape without needing any equipment. Check out YouTube for free routines too. Some of the university sports clubs will be cheap or even free to join, so check those out when you’re at the freshers fair.

And hey presto, you’re still rolling in it by Christmas so you can afford a new party outfit or a festive night out! Maybe even a Christmas present or two.  

Uni Friends

Making friends at uni

For those of you who decided to go to university this autumn, you might be thinking about the art of making friends. Of course, the truth is there isn’t really an art – just be yourself and you’ll be great at making friends, right? But hang on a minute… when you throw in the excitement of a new town or city, possibly a new house, new studying responsibilities and new nightlife to explore, maybe making friends at uni could be more of an overwhelming idea than you first thought.

Here’s a little guidance if need inspiration for bonding with your fellow students.

Going out

Many students make friends on a night out on one of the hundreds of freshers events that happen in the first couple of weeks at university. This is certainly not a bad place to start, so get to the freshers fair or student union to find out what’s on. Don’t forget to take your proof of age card wherever you go out, so that you don’t get turned away in front of your potential new mates. My ID Card is an official proof of age card accepted by doormen, bar staff and supermarkets. It only costs £15 so it suits your uni budget and it’s also less risky than carrying around your £80 passport. Read more

Uni packing list – don’t forget your photo ID

Well done! You got your grades and you’ve got yourself into university – fun times ahead. Once you’ve finished celebrating (although that doesn’t really have to end, does it?), the reality of packing up and leaving home might be beginning to kick in. Where will you live, who will your housemates be, what happens in freshers week, will you need photo ID to get into student nights and what practical things do you need to pack? It might be a little scary and exciting all at the same time, but if you can plan in advance then it’ll make your transition into university life that bit smoother.  We’ve made you a handy uni packing list so that you won’t be scratching around for shower gel or trading cutlery for saucepans when you get there. Read more

Make the most of university nightlife with a proof of age card

If you’re one of the many UK students waiting for your A-level grades, you’ll be counting down the hours until results day. Whether you’ve aced it and secured a place in your top choice or ended up going through clearing, you’re going to have a lot of questions on your mind about your soon-to-be ‘home’ town.

One question you’ll almost certainly want some answers to is, ‘Where’s the best nightlife?’ (and how to get in to all those amazing bars, pubs and clubs. Tip: you’ll need a proof of age card like My ID Card). We’ve looked at the results of the Which? Student Survey (including the opinion of 11,000 students from 115 universities) to give you the lowdown on some of the best university cities the UK for nightlife.


There’s a reason why those Geordies are so cheerful; they’ve got access every type of nightlife you can imagine. From clubbing in Digital, to cocktails in Madame Koo, to craft beers on the Quayside, to comedy at The Stand – this north-eastern city will not disappoint (as long as you remember your proof of age card).

Priced at only £15, My ID Card is an official proof of age card. It’s accredited by PASS, the UK’s national proof of age accreditation scheme, and fully endorsed by official organisations such as the Home Office and The Association of Chief Police Officers (ACPO). Because PASS carries these endorsements, the security industry trusts our proof of age cards, meaning the door staff at venues, clubs and bars across the whole of the UK will recognise the authenticity of your My ID Card. My ID Card will also be recognised as valid ID by leading ID scanning machines. Read more

Best nights out this summer. Remember your over 18 ID

There’s something about parties and nights out in the summer that are just a little more exciting than any other time of year. The sunny vitamin D is in abundance, the warm weather allows for a more interesting array of outfits and the nights are lighter making everyone feel lively and fun. So where are the summer parties at? We’ve done another one of our handy lists of where you can go to have a good time this summer. You’ll need your over 18 ID though, if you’re asked to prove your age. We recommend our PASS ID card like My ID Card.

Outdoor cinema

These are popping up all over the place now and we can see why they are so popular! Eating popcorn under the stars while watching your favourite movie is a lovely way to spend a summer evening. Look around online for your nearest outdoor cinema. Don’t forget your over 18 ID if you’re planning on using the bar or seeing an 18+ film.

Cocktail night

Scope out your local town for bars doing 2 for 1 cocktail nights. You shouldn’t have to look far! Get your glad rags on, have some alfresco Daiquiris and dance the night away with your mates.

Pub garden by the river

It’s so much better to be by the water in summertime isn’t it? Sipping on a cold pint or glass of wine, chatting with your friends and feeling a little bit like you’re on holiday abroad. Find your nearest river pub garden pull a few benches together and invite your greatest amigos for a sunny evening out. Read more

BBQ party essentials list, including your PASS ID card

The season of sizzling sausages, mojitos and late balmy nights is happening right now, and you want your BBQ party to be one of the best nights of the summer, right? So we’ve made you a handy list of things you need to prep for your tropical party. From boozy ice buckets, to your PASS ID card to take to the supermarket, we’ve done the thinking for you so that all you need to concentrate on is having fun.

Meat and salad (don’t forget the buns!)

Keep it simple with burgers and sausages, or experiment with marinated chicken legs and spicy ribs if you’re feeling more adventurous. You could even try a seafood barbecue if you fancy giving your party a Mediterranean twist. Stock up on charcoal too – the self lighting bags are the easiest.

Ice bucket for drinks. Oh, and the drinks of course

There’s nothing worse than a warm beer, or worse still a tepid wine (sick mask emoji). Be kind to you and your guests and fill a bucket with ice and very cold water to keep your bottles in. Let’s be honest, there’s never enough room in the fridge for all that meat and booze. When you’re buying your drinks, don’t go without your PASS ID card, which you’ll need if you’re asked to prove your age. PASS ID cards are easy to apply for and are accepted in supermarkets, bars, pubs, restaurants and clubs.

Sun cream

Pink isn’t a good look, and you want to preserve that beautiful skin don’t you? Add a bottle of factor 30 to your trolley so none of your friends rock that late night lobster look. Read more