One less thing you’ll need to do for your teenagers…

Teenagers, who’d ‘ave ‘em? For those who thought parenting would become easier once their kids hit double figures, it doesn’t take long to realise it’s still a full-time job – or should we say jobs. Yes, your job titles may range from chauffeur, to personal chef, to PA, to cleaner. And let’s not forget personal shopper. How many times have you been called to the shopping mall or cinema because your beloved teenager has forgotten their ID card and has no photo proof of age to buy themselves games or tickets?

Proof of age

Age restrictions apply on a variety of things and range from 12 years of age, to 16 years, to 18 years old. Your child will be asked to show their ID card to buy age-restricted video games and to watch 12- or 15-certificate films at the cinema. Did you know they also need to show their ID card to show they’re over 16 if they buy petrol, lottery tickets and ‘instant win’ cards.

Got an artist in your midst? Even supplies like aerosol paint are not permitted for sale to those under 16. Celebrating something? Seemingly innocuous items such as party poppers and Christmas crackers are subject to a 16- and 12-rating respectively.

Get them an ID card

Chances are your child will want to purchase at least one of these items at some point. By making sure that they have an ID card at the ready, you could save yourself yet another ‘emergency’ call to Mum or Dad’s fix-everything, buy-everything hotline.

Why not get them My ID Card – an official proof of age card, accredited by PASS, the UK’s national proof of age accreditation scheme? As well as a photo of your child, it has the official PASS logo and hologram and it’s fully endorsed by official organisations such as the Home Office and The Association of Chief Police Officers (ACPO). Because PASS carries these endorsements, venues and shops will recognise that your child’s ID Card is the real deal, meaning they’ll be able to sell age-restricted goods to them (saving you a whole heap of ear ache and hassle!).

Yet another thing to fork out for?

My ID card only costs £15, which is lot less than the £80 it’ll cost you to replace other forms of ID, such as their passport. Plus, it fits neatly in their purse or wallet. Teenagers have a habit of losing things, as you may be all too well-aware! Home Office figures estimate an average of 250,000 passports are lost every year and you can bet a fair few of those fell down the side of a cinema seat along with some leftover popcorn and sweet wrappers.

Remember that applying for or replacing other forms of ID can also have a long application processes, yet you can get your child’s My ID card in as little as 5-10 days.

Half-term isn’t far away, so apply for a My ID Card today for peace of mind (and a slightly more peaceful life…).

Valentine’s Day survival guide (…and the one card you mustn’t forget this year)

Do you remember the first Valentine’s Day card you ever received? Perhaps it was a wonky heart fashioned from red playschool crepe paper, or a portrait sketched in charcoal in the back row of GCSE Art. What about the first valentine you ever sent? Did you wear a groove in the carpet of the card shop as you paced to and fro’ trying to find the perfect way to say “be mine”? Or maybe you were the secret admirer, hand-delivering a poem incognito by moonlight.

One thing’s for sure, no matter what age you are, how many cards you have (or haven’t!) sent and received, or what your relationship status is, Valentine’s Day can be tricky territory. Here’s a few things you can do (or not do!) to make sure yours is all hearts and flowers…

Don’t even think of going on a first date

Yes, we know it’s supposed to be the most romantic night of the year, but it’s not a wise idea to line that initial date up for February 14th itself. You’ll just be surrounded by couples smooching and cuddling, while you’re still at the awkward early conversation stage of finding out where they grew up and what their favourite pizza topping is. Go out the following week instead (we know you’re keen, but playing it cool works better anyway).

Do spend the evening with your buddies

No date on February 14th? No problem! Celebrate the joys of freedom, independence and friendship instead. Cook up one of those delicious dishes you’ve been pinning, dig out your favourite board games or vinyls, rent a non-rom-com, and invite all the single ladies (and/or guys) round to yours. Moping around alone in a onesie with a family pack of Wispas never did anyone any good. Read more


New year, new movies, new photo ID card

With the Golden Globe awards happening last weekend and the Oscars and BAFTAs just around the corner, there’s a definite movie buzz in the air. But the cinema’s not cheap these days, so you’ll want to spend your cash wisely (and still have some pennies left over for snacks). Why not take a look at our rundown of some of the latest movies to help you decide what takes your fancy…

Oh, but before we get started, don’t forget your proof of age photo ID card if you’re going to see an age-restricted film. At just £15, My ID Card costs hardly any more than your average cinema ticket. This official, PASS-accredited photo ID Card is accepted by many cinemas across the UK and fully endorsed by the Home Office and The Association of Chief Police Officers (ACPO).

Ok, shh, who’s whispering at the back? Let the show begin…

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10 things to do in January

The days are dark, the exciting mayhem of Christmas has passed, the bank balance is looking pretty sad and your trousers are feeling tight…

Ugh, feeling the effects of the January blues? Not now that that we are here to give you a list of things to do for the first month of 2017!

Ok so some of them are on the ‘sensible’ side (who said ‘boring’?), but what better time of year to refresh, reboot, get organised, and try some interesting new things?

  1. Get organised. (So let’s get the slightly less-riveting ones over and done with first). Whether it’s school, college, uni or work, there’s nothing quite as revitalising as a bit of tidying up and organisation using folders, files or whatever other stationery takes your fancy (come on, who doesn’t like a nice bit of stationery?). No more stressful hunting under the bed for that important assignment!
  2. Sort out your personal documents. Where are your bank statements, phone bills and more importantly your passport?? Oh yes, your pass to discover the world is down the sewer system of your local pub after one too many drinks? Apply for a My ID Card, supported by pubs, bars, clubs, retailers, police and government – this is the most reliable way to prove your age. It costs just £15 to apply, and will only cost the same to replace (rather than £80+ to replace your passport).
  3. Go and see a film. True, the cinema isn’t THAT cheap these days, but go on a deal day and smuggle in your own snacks (shhh). Don’t forget your ID card, depending on what rating your film is.
  4. Go to a free museum or exhibition. Get your culture on and go see some paintings, photographs or historical artefacts; there are so many cool exhibitions that are totally free and totally inspiring.
  5. Meet up with friends for a coffee. Everything always seems so much better after a good old chat and laugh with your mates. Even in January! For just the cost of a drink you can have a lazy afternoon together in one of the many lovely cafes and coffee shops in your area.
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Over 25 and proud of it: ID rules for parties and celebrations this festive season

Money [check], lippy [check], ID [But I’m over 25!]

When you’re over 25 and you get asked for ID on a night out, you may feel like all your Christmas’ have come at once. It’s obviously your youthful glow…right?

Hitting the clubs and pubs this festive season, you may experience more venues than usual asking for your ID – regardless of whether you look your age, or not.

Security staff can now request your ID before they’ll let you in, using their scanning machine to verify its authenticity. It’s even more hi-tech than those face creams you’ve got stashed in the bathroom cupboard…

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Festive dating blunders and how to avoid them

Romantic yuletide songs are playing everywhere you go already and it feels like wherever you look there are loved-up couples buying heart-shaped gingerbread in their matching knitwear.

Meanwhile, you’re left feeling like you’re just stuck in one long queue of bad dates with nothing special to buy except a lavender talc gift set for your nan. Just like last year.

Where do you keep going wrong? Maybe you just need a bit of friendly dating advice to have yourself that merry little Christmas with a bit of extra magic…

Make mine a mocktail of cringe (with a big red face on top)

Of course, you don’t have to get the drinks in to have a good time, but going out for a flirty Christmas cocktail or two can be fun. Read more

Don’t let your fireworks party plans go up in smoke

Ah, who doesn’t love a fireworks party? Remember, remember the 5th of November… For most of us, it’s been a special date in the calendar since we were knee-high to a grasshopper; covering our ears with our bobble hats when the bangs got too loud, nibbling on a toffee apple and asking our parents for just one more sparkler before bedtime.

Now you’re all grown-up, you might be thinking about planning your own fireworks party, so here are a few things you need to know to make it truly banging…

Remember, remember…your photo ID

You can’t buy fireworks if you’re under 18, so make sure you have official proof of age such as My ID Card, accredited by PASS, the UK’s national proof of age accreditation scheme and fully endorsed by the Home Office and The Association of Chief Police Officers (ACPO).

If you don’t remember your photo ID card, you’ll basically be limited to party poppers…Yeah, imagine the silence in the crowd. Read more

A serial killer, Guy Fawkes and an elf walk into a bar… My ID Card says don’t be the punchline this party season

The season of parties and nights out is officially here, but are you ready to hit the town?

Vampire teeth? Check. Zombie mask? Check. Sparklers, check? Santa hat. Check? My ID card? What?

Whether you’re ghouling about with your buddies Dracula and Frankenstein on Halloween, heading to a fireworks party or donning your poshest garb for a festive do – you need the new official proof of age, My ID Card.

What’s My ID Card?

My ID Card is an official proof of age card, accredited by PASS, the UK’s national proof of age accreditation scheme. As well as your photo, it has the official PASS logo and hologram and it’s fully endorsed by official organisations such as the Home Office and The Association of Chief Police Officers (ACPO).

Because PASS carries these endorsements, people like the security staff at festival venues and doormen at clubs and bars will recognise that your My ID Card is the real deal and let you in.

As well as nights out, you can also use My ID Card as official proof of age for loads of other things:

  • purchasing alcohol and e-cigarettes in supermarkets and shops
  • entry into gigs and festivals
  • buying age-restricted computer games and videos
  • watching age-restricted films at the cinema
  • placing bets in the bookies and playing in casinos and bingo halls
  • getting a tattoo
  • using a sunbed

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Everything but the kitchen sink? 5 essential items that you REALLY need to pack for uni

Getting ready for university? There are so many things to remember, from your own pillow to My ID Card. Check out this list for some essentials.

The results are in and you’re off to uni! Over the past couple of weeks, you’ve probably started making a mental list of things to take with you, or perhaps there’s a slowly growing mountain in the corner of your soon-to be-deserted bedroom (sniff!).

But what do you really need to take with you? Unless you’re planning on hiring an articulated lorry, remember that you can only really take whatever fits in the boot of your parent’s Volvo.

Here are a few things that you definitely can’t leave behind:

Personal documents e.g. passport, My ID Card

 You might need your passport to register for things like bank accounts and Doctors surgeries, but for nights out you’ll probably want to get My ID Card, an official proof of age card, accredited by PASS and fully endorsed by the Home Office and The Association of Chief Police Officers (ACPO). Essential for all those nights out, or maybe even just a date at the cinema with that new ‘friend’ who keeps distracting you in lectures…

Cook book

Even if you’re staying in student accommodation and meals are provided, there’s bound to be the odd occasion where you don’t make it down to the lecture hall because your nap assignment over-ran. Or maybe there’ll be the odd night where you just don’t fancy lasagne on ‘Italian night’ – and who wants to be stuck with a bowl of cornflakes for tea?

Mattress topper and pillow 

Ah, when you’re heading off to university, everything feels so fresh and new, doesn’t it? Not to gross you out, but the icky truth is that the mattress in your new room most likely isn’t. Or your pillow. Think of all those dust mites, microscopic bugs, and other peoples’ skin cells and hair. Then think about places that sell mattress toppers and pillows and get down there, now!

Sewing kit

Pins are pictures you save and share on Pinterest, right? And … threads happen on social media sites, too? Err, no.  If you’ve been too distracted by what’s happening on your smartphone to notice The Sewing Fairy (AKA your Mum) sewing that button back onto your favourite shirt, you might need reminding that clothing mishaps will need to be fixed by you from now on. So pack a sewing kit. Don’t worry, there are sure to be videos on You Tube to help you out.

Alarm clock

“Nah, don’t need that! Got my phone,” we hear you cry. That’s all well and good until it runs out of battery, you drop it down the loo, or lose it somewhere. There are only so many times you can shuffle in late to a lecture mumbling the excuse “sorry, alarm didn’t go off”, so save them for the morning after a big night out instead.


Psst! University isn’t all about partying (obviously!) but remember that those bar staff and doormen at clubs and bars will ask you for proof that you’re over 18 years old before they let you in, so definitely don’t forget to pack My ID Card. It’s an official proof of age card, accredited by PASS. My ID Card only costs you £15 and if you apply today you could have one just in time for Fresher’s Week.