Over 25 and proud of it: ID rules for parties and celebrations this festive season

Money [check], lippy [check], ID [But I’m over 25!]

When you’re over 25 and you get asked for ID on a night out, you may feel like all your Christmas’ have come at once. It’s obviously your youthful glow…right?

Hitting the clubs and pubs this festive season, you may experience more venues than usual asking for your ID – regardless of whether you look your age, or not.

Security staff can now request your ID before they’ll let you in, using their scanning machine to verify its authenticity. It’s even more hi-tech than those face creams you’ve got stashed in the bathroom cupboard…

To dance the night away…don’t forget your ID

Most of you will have been looking forward to the festive season for ages; where to go, what to wear, who to pounce on under the mistletoe. So, you don’t want to get turned away before the party has even started, just because you can’t prove how old you are.

But here’s the dilemma… yeah, you want to take your ID with you on your nights out to make darn sure you get to show off those dance moves you’ve been perfecting, BUT your chunky passport doesn’t fit in your tiny sequinned clutch bag or back pocket…

You could always carry your driving licence (if you’ve got one, that is); but being older and wiser, you’re not certain if it’s safe to use a form of ID containing your address details. If you lose it, doesn’t this give criminals the green light that your home could be empty until the early hours of the morning? And if pinching all your Christmas presents sounds bad, what about identity theft?

On a lighter note, Christmas brings out the romantic in all of us, doesn’t it? If you’re on the dating scene, you’ll want to be looking your sparkling best in every way possible. That’s just another reason to leave that passport with the goofy photo from all those years ago safely hidden at home. Some ID scanning machines show your photo up on a screen at the door, you know. Yep, in front of the whole queue, including your major crush…

Do you really want to be looking more Chewbacca than Hans Solo?

The safer ID alternative this festive season…£15 well spent

At just £15, My ID Card costs less than that round of drinks you were about to buy before you got refused entry to the bar. It’s a PASS-accredited photo ID Card, accepted by many pubs and clubs across the UK.

Fully-endorsed by the Home Office and The Association of Chief Police Officers (ACPO), the My ID Card contains an image of you, your name and date of birth. It doesn’t show details such as your address.  If you lose it during a festive conga, the cost to replace it is only £15, compared to the greater cost and hassle of cancelling and reapplying for a passport or new driving license.

Simply apply and pay online, following our easy instructions. You’ll just need to print your application and send it to us with some necessary documents.  Once verified, your ID card will be processed and sent to you in the post.

You will usually receive your My ID Card within 5 working days of us receiving your application, but if you need ID urgently, we also offer a rapid service costing £25. This service includes guaranteed next day special delivery (following receipt of application by post and verification).

Have yourself a merry little Christmas and apply for your My ID Card today.

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