Everything but the kitchen sink? 5 essential items that you REALLY need to pack for uni

Getting ready for university? There are so many things to remember, from your own pillow to My ID Card. Check out this list for some essentials.

The results are in and you’re off to uni! Over the past couple of weeks, you’ve probably started making a mental list of things to take with you, or perhaps there’s a slowly growing mountain in the corner of your soon-to be-deserted bedroom (sniff!).

But what do you really need to take with you? Unless you’re planning on hiring an articulated lorry, remember that you can only really take whatever fits in the boot of your parent’s Volvo.

Here are a few things that you definitely can’t leave behind:

Personal documents e.g. passport, My ID Card

 You might need your passport to register for things like bank accounts and Doctors surgeries, but for nights out you’ll probably want to get My ID Card, an official proof of age card, accredited by PASS and fully endorsed by the Home Office and The Association of Chief Police Officers (ACPO). Essential for all those nights out, or maybe even just a date at the cinema with that new ‘friend’ who keeps distracting you in lectures…

Cook book

Even if you’re staying in student accommodation and meals are provided, there’s bound to be the odd occasion where you don’t make it down to the lecture hall because your nap assignment over-ran. Or maybe there’ll be the odd night where you just don’t fancy lasagne on ‘Italian night’ – and who wants to be stuck with a bowl of cornflakes for tea?

Mattress topper and pillow 

Ah, when you’re heading off to university, everything feels so fresh and new, doesn’t it? Not to gross you out, but the icky truth is that the mattress in your new room most likely isn’t. Or your pillow. Think of all those dust mites, microscopic bugs, and other peoples’ skin cells and hair. Then think about places that sell mattress toppers and pillows and get down there, now!

Sewing kit

Pins are pictures you save and share on Pinterest, right? And … threads happen on social media sites, too? Err, no.  If you’ve been too distracted by what’s happening on your smartphone to notice The Sewing Fairy (AKA your Mum) sewing that button back onto your favourite shirt, you might need reminding that clothing mishaps will need to be fixed by you from now on. So pack a sewing kit. Don’t worry, there are sure to be videos on You Tube to help you out.

Alarm clock

“Nah, don’t need that! Got my phone,” we hear you cry. That’s all well and good until it runs out of battery, you drop it down the loo, or lose it somewhere. There are only so many times you can shuffle in late to a lecture mumbling the excuse “sorry, alarm didn’t go off”, so save them for the morning after a big night out instead.


Psst! University isn’t all about partying (obviously!) but remember that those bar staff and doormen at clubs and bars will ask you for proof that you’re over 18 years old before they let you in, so definitely don’t forget to pack My ID Card. It’s an official proof of age card, accredited by PASS. My ID Card only costs you £15 and if you apply today you could have one just in time for Fresher’s Week.

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