Valentine’s Day survival guide (…and the one card you mustn’t forget this year)

Do you remember the first Valentine’s Day card you ever received? Perhaps it was a wonky heart fashioned from red playschool crepe paper, or a portrait sketched in charcoal in the back row of GCSE Art. What about the first valentine you ever sent? Did you wear a groove in the carpet of the card shop as you paced to and fro’ trying to find the perfect way to say “be mine”? Or maybe you were the secret admirer, hand-delivering a poem incognito by moonlight.

One thing’s for sure, no matter what age you are, how many cards you have (or haven’t!) sent and received, or what your relationship status is, Valentine’s Day can be tricky territory. Here’s a few things you can do (or not do!) to make sure yours is all hearts and flowers…

Don’t even think of going on a first date

Yes, we know it’s supposed to be the most romantic night of the year, but it’s not a wise idea to line that initial date up for February 14th itself. You’ll just be surrounded by couples smooching and cuddling, while you’re still at the awkward early conversation stage of finding out where they grew up and what their favourite pizza topping is. Go out the following week instead (we know you’re keen, but playing it cool works better anyway).

Do spend the evening with your buddies

No date on February 14th? No problem! Celebrate the joys of freedom, independence and friendship instead. Cook up one of those delicious dishes you’ve been pinning, dig out your favourite board games or vinyls, rent a non-rom-com, and invite all the single ladies (and/or guys) round to yours. Moping around alone in a onesie with a family pack of Wispas never did anyone any good.


Don’t forget your proof of age ID card

So, you’re attached and you’re taking your main squeeze out on a Valentine’s date. Drinks, dinner and a movie? Smooth. Well, not when you get to the bar and realise that cocktail you’ve just offered to treat them to needs to become a ‘mocktail’ because the barman wants to see your photo ID card – and you don’t have it. It’s all well and good surprising them with some sweet words in a Valentine’s Day card – but this is another card you don’t want to forget about.

Why don’t you apply for My ID Card? At just £15, My ID Card costs hardly any more than a couple of cocktails. This official, PASS-accredited photo ID Card is accepted by bars, pubs and clubs across the UK and is fully endorsed by the Home Office and The Association of Chief Police Officers (ACPO).

Depending on which film you’re snuggling up to watch, you might need this proof of age at the cinema, too – as well as for those dinner party refreshments at supermarket checkout, if you’re staying in.

Do turn your phone off

Who doesn’t love (i.e. live) on Instagram, Snapchat and Facebook? If you’re stuck at home feeling a bit emotionally fragile, lonely or bored, it’s tempting bury your head in your smartphone screen and see if anyone’s life is as ‘tragic’ as yours.

Look, spending hours on your phone on Valentine’s Day can only end badly. You’ll see your couple friends posting declarations of love to each other with a string of emojis longer than your face, and – even worse – that ex with their new beau. You might leave a jealous comment you’ll regret for eternity, or even drunk-dial. Ugh, the worst.

Don’t do it to yourself. Read a book, watch a film, have a pamper evening. Recharge and reinvent your best-ever self, ready to meet someone new.

Don’t forget to treat yourself

Ok, there’s no one to treat you to something special? So what! Treat yourself! Had your eye on a new outfit or hairstyle? Fancy booking a holiday somewhere sunny, or a day out with your friends or family? Your My ID proof of age card also comes with My ID Rewards membership, which offers you discounts on loads of hot brands such as Top Shop, River Island, Virgin Experience, New Look, Gap, Hotelopia, and Toni & Guy – to name but a few. Now, that’s something to feel the love for.


Whatever your plans are for February 14th, apply for My ID Card today and have a happy Valentine’s Day!

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