Fireworks Night

Rocket into Firework Weekend

Don’t let your Bonfire weekend fizzle out – My ID Card – ID for Fireworks

November 5th 1605 signifies the failed attempt of Guy Fawkes to remove King James I from the throne, and restore Britain’s Catholic monarchy by blowing up the houses of Parliament.  Bonfire or fireworks night has become an English tradition – setting off fireworks with the local community, centred around a Bonfire.


Local, Bars, Clubs and Pubs have great fun dressing up their establishments for a fun night for all, often promoting happy hour and special drinks promotions. Some even, if in the right location; have their own bonfire and fireworks display.  Usually these themed nights will require a ticket and/or an enhanced door entry fee. Don’t forget your ID for clubs

Of course organised displays are often the cheapest way to enjoy the fireworks not to mention the safest, although many people like to host their own private parties for friends and family only.

Fireworks are readily available from your local supermarket, specialist pop up shops and even mail order companies. However, unless you are aged 18 years or older you will not be able to buy them, even sparklers are classed as fireworks – the same laws apply so don’t be offended when you are asked for proof of ageMy ID Card is widely recognised a PASS approved Proof of Age.

You probably won’t want a huge blazing bonfire to ruin your lawn at home, a chimenea, fire pit or log basket will make a great centre point for your evening.  Aside from the fireworks, you will want some delicious treats for your guests to enjoy.

Here are our top Bonfire Belly warmers

  1. Chilli Con Carne with Rice, thick crusty bread with a sprinkling of grated Cheese
  2. BBQ Pulled pork with apple sauce and savoury stuffing served in a warm toasted bun
  3. Best British cider glazed pork hotdogs served with caramelised onions and relish
  4. Spicy Pumpkin and creamy butternut squash Soup, served with huge chunk of bread
  5. Good old-fashioned Jacket potatoes served with as selection of fillings to your choice

For those with a sweet tooth

Hot sticky pudding and caramalised Toffee apples.
Creamy fudge and bonfire toffee.

As with any good party plan, the drinks will be fairly close to the top of the list, a rich Hot Toddy to keep away the winter chill or perhaps a delicious Hot chocolate laced with Cointreau , topped with a thick, fresh cream swirl and finished with marshmallows. Beers wines and spirits are plentiful and available for all pockets across supermarkets and off licences.  You are sure to find something to make your party go off with a bang!

There are many articles online detailing how to set up a firework display with in depth safety guidelines.  We therefore request that you take a little time to read them as well as all the firework instructions as they each behave differently – REMEMBER the golden rule – NEVER return to a firework that has been lit and not gone off.  They are explosives and can be unpredictable.

We really do want you to “Remember Remember the 5th of November” – please have lots of fun but take great care.