Best nights out this summer. Remember your over 18 ID

There’s something about parties and nights out in the summer that are just a little more exciting than any other time of year. The sunny vitamin D is in abundance, the warm weather allows for a more interesting array of outfits and the nights are lighter making everyone feel lively and fun. So where are the summer parties at? We’ve done another one of our handy lists of where you can go to have a good time this summer. You’ll need your over 18 ID though, if you’re asked to prove your age. We recommend our PASS ID card like My ID Card.

Outdoor cinema

These are popping up all over the place now and we can see why they are so popular! Eating popcorn under the stars while watching your favourite movie is a lovely way to spend a summer evening. Look around online for your nearest outdoor cinema. Don’t forget your over 18 ID if you’re planning on using the bar or seeing an 18+ film.

Cocktail night

Scope out your local town for bars doing 2 for 1 cocktail nights. You shouldn’t have to look far! Get your glad rags on, have some alfresco Daiquiris and dance the night away with your mates.

Pub garden by the river

It’s so much better to be by the water in summertime isn’t it? Sipping on a cold pint or glass of wine, chatting with your friends and feeling a little bit like you’re on holiday abroad. Find your nearest river pub garden pull a few benches together and invite your greatest amigos for a sunny evening out.

Throw a BBQ party

Call your friends, wheel that barbecue out, get down the shops for some meat, charcoal and booze, stick on some tunes – and you might just have one of the best nights of the summer. It’s a simple recipe that produces fun every time. Ask your mates to bring sausages and sangria and the whole night will hardly cost you a penny!


Seek your inner child and go wild on the waltzers or bananas on the big wheel. There are loads of fun fairs around in the summer, so find your nearest one and head there with a group of mates. Don’t forget to take cash for the rides as many fairgrounds don’t take cards yet!

Enjoy yourself this summer! My ID Card will enable you to prove your age when you need over 18 ID. For just £15 you can have a nifty proof of age card to stick in your wallet or purse so it’s easy to prove your age at age restricted events and venues. Apply for yours today.