BBQ party essentials list, including your PASS ID card

The season of sizzling sausages, mojitos and late balmy nights is happening right now, and you want your BBQ party to be one of the best nights of the summer, right? So we’ve made you a handy list of things you need to prep for your tropical party. From boozy ice buckets, to your PASS ID card to take to the supermarket, we’ve done the thinking for you so that all you need to concentrate on is having fun.

Meat and salad (don’t forget the buns!)

Keep it simple with burgers and sausages, or experiment with marinated chicken legs and spicy ribs if you’re feeling more adventurous. You could even try a seafood barbecue if you fancy giving your party a Mediterranean twist. Stock up on charcoal too – the self lighting bags are the easiest.

Ice bucket for drinks. Oh, and the drinks of course

There’s nothing worse than a warm beer, or worse still a tepid wine (sick mask emoji). Be kind to you and your guests and fill a bucket with ice and very cold water to keep your bottles in. Let’s be honest, there’s never enough room in the fridge for all that meat and booze. When you’re buying your drinks, don’t go without your PASS ID card, which you’ll need if you’re asked to prove your age. PASS ID cards are easy to apply for and are accepted in supermarkets, bars, pubs, restaurants and clubs.

Sun cream

Pink isn’t a good look, and you want to preserve that beautiful skin don’t you? Add a bottle of factor 30 to your trolley so none of your friends rock that late night lobster look.

Speakers and music

As if you need reminding about this one! But just check you have an alfresco music solution. Tinny tunes out of your phone isn’t really going to get everyone singing and dancing is it? Get yourself a cheap docking station or blue tooth speaker so that you can actually hear the bass on your best barbecue tracks. Enjoy making your playlist in advance so that you’re not spending precious partying time searching for your favourite summer songs.

Get saucy

Offering burgers without sauce is surely a crime? Stay on the right side of your mates and don’t forget the sauce, or it might be a very dry party. Ketchup, BBQ sauce, maybe even throw in some burger sauce, hot sauce and mayo if you’re feeling generous.

Seating and blankets

You’d like everyone to be able to laze away the afternoon, chilling out at the best barbecue in town, yeah? Put some blankets down to avoid anyone going home with an itchy grass rash, and dig out your festival and camping chairs if you have any.

Party games

Liven up the party with some games like Jenga, limbo and the cereal box game. These are good ice breakers if you have mixed groups of friends at your party, and also keep your party in full swing with lots of action and laughs.

Have an awesome time!

If you need a PASS ID card when buying your party supplies, you can apply for a My ID Card here. It costs just £15 and is easy to fit in to your purse or wallet. It’s safer to carry around than your driving licence or passport too.

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