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Now you can get a proof of age card that doesn’t ask you to identify as male or female

Do you identify as non-binary? Now you can apply for a proof of age card without having to state your gender. My ID Card recently changed its application form and provides a non-gender specific proof of age card for those who identify as pangender, intergender, androgyne, genderfluid, agender or any other non-binary group. My ID […]

Revision tips to put Spring back into your step

Ah, the joys of Spring! Flowers will soon be poking their sleepy heads up through the soil, fresh leaves will fill every branch in green technicolour, the evenings will seem endless and the days will be warmer. Just in time for…exam season. Great. It’s one of life’s cruel jokes that just as the first flush […]

Festive dating blunders and how to avoid them

Romantic yuletide songs are playing everywhere you go already and it feels like wherever you look there are loved-up couples buying heart-shaped gingerbread in their matching knitwear. Meanwhile, you’re left feeling like you’re just stuck in one long queue of bad dates with nothing special to buy except a lavender talc gift set for your […]