Fun and cheap UK holidays – remember your ID for pubs

It’s almost the summer holidays – hallelujah! The books can go back under the bed, the uni or college work folders on your computer no longer need to be clicked – you have done the hard work and now it’s time to have some FUN!!! A well-deserved holiday with your friends is in order, so let’s get booking. The purse strings can be tight when you’re a student or young person, so if flights are too pricey the you can always look at UK holidays.

When you’re holidaying on your own turf, another bonus is that you know you’ll never be too far from a traditional British pub – one of the things us Brits do best. So explore the far corners of the country to find some of the best boozers in the UK. Although if you don’t want to get refused at the bar, remember your ID for pubs.

If you need inspiration for your budget UK trip, then here’s our roundup of the best fun and cheap UK holidays.

Camping and caravans

For one of the cheapest holidays ever, you need to try camping or caravanning of you haven’t already. You’ll find a campsite in almost every area in the UK, whether you fancy falling asleep to the sound of the sea, going back to nature among the sheep and cows, or camping close to a lively and vibrant city. With this type of holiday you can take your own food and booze as there are self catering facilities at most campsites, so it’s big saves on that front. Disposable barbecues are always handy to use for a quick and summery al fresco dinner. It’s unlikely you’ll be far from that traditional country pub, so if you do run out of provisions and you’ve got the cash, go and get a beer and a burger in the local. Remember to take your ID for pubs – My ID card is accepted in pubs, bars, clubs and shops for when you need to prove your age.

Holiday rental cottages

When you get a few friends to club together, it’s amazing how cheaply you can rent a holiday home between you. There are many holiday lettings websites where you can search for the perfect cottage, in any location you fancy. If you want to be near the beach then there’s plenty of options, or you might choose to go rural. Stock up at the supermarket on food and drinks, take some tunes and you are all set for a party holiday with your mates this summer. And there’s bound to be a decent pub nearby if you do start getting cabin fever!

City breaks

Sites such as Airbnb  have opened up tonnes of opportunities for more city breaks. Instead of spending a fortune on hotels, you can now rent an apartment in a city for much less. York, Leeds, London, Bath, Liverpool and Cardiff are just a few exciting UK cities with banging nightlife, sights to see and a chance to meet new people from other places. Car share or look for National Rail deals to get to your city of choice, book a budget apartment and take some supplies with to cover eating and drinking. Taking a My ID Card with you will ensure you don’t get turned away if you’re trying out the local pubs and nightlife.


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