Safe ID for Nightclubs



Protect your identity

Do you have Safe ID for a night out?  Every weekend, thousands of young people go out on the town for a night of fun, with their passport to gain access to the hottest Bars and clubs. Using their passport as a licence to buy alcohol and have a good time.  But have you ever given thought to what may happen if you lost it or it were to fall into the hands of criminals?

  • Identity theft – Stolen Passports are used to open Bank accounts, obtain credit cards
  • Human Slavery and/or trafficking,
  • Smuggle people and goods in and out of the country
  • Stolen Passports are sold for £1000’s of pounds assisting drug dealers to keep trading


Don't use passport

It can take weeks, even months to detect what is happening. Years – if ever to track down the culprits and put a stop to it, with little or no chance of compensation.

The moment you discover that you have lost your passport, you must contact the passport office to cancel it.  It won’t stop someone using it in the UK but it will prevent any fraudsters using it to try and get out of the country!

Better still use safe ID – The Home Office issued a press release in December 2016 urging young people to leave their Passports at home and to use alternative proof of age documents, for example a Pass Proof of Age card – but why?



Aside from the reasons detailed above, there is the financial cost to replace

  • UK Passport from £72.50
  • My ID Card from £15.00.


If you were to lose your passport the night before a holiday abroad, you are bang out of luck as the quickest service you can use is the Passport offices express service, with a one week turnaround at a cost of £103.00.  If you lost your Proof of age card but needed one the next day, this can be carried out through our RAPID service at just £30.00.

Be Smart and Stay safe with Safe ID – My ID Card – PASS Approved for when you want to prove your age.  Fully supported by Town Pubwatch committees, CTSI, SIA door security and NPCC.