ID for festivals

What Festival ID will you take with you?  You could take your passport – or driving licence.  Where are you going to keep it safe?  Is it worth leaving it in your tent for a not so-friendly visitor to take?  Or the nightmare if you manage to drop it down the loo, especially if you’ve got a foreign holiday booked the week after.  Disaster!!

For only £15, you’ll have the reassurance that you won’t miss out.  My ID Card is an official, PASS-accredited proof of age card that’s fully endorsed by the Home Office and The National Police Chiefs Council (NPCC) as well as Age Check Certification scheme in conjunction with underage sales. It is accepted and encouraged to be used as Festival ID to prove your age.

With Reading and Leeds @Officialrandl less than two weeks away, there is still time to apply for Smart festival ID

Have you thought about what you’ll need to make it an epic event to remember?

With the amazing summer that we have had so far you may think that you could leave the wellies behind, but we are talking August Bank Holiday and it is the British Summer so it’s bound to rain!!.  It’s worth sticking some other handy bits in your bag too.  Think dry shampoo, loo roll, deodorant, baby wipes, anti-bac hand wash and most importantly a torch – after all you’ll want to see where you’re going if you need to queue for the loo in the middle of the night.  There are plenty of items that are not allowed on site so worth checking the official websites to check what they are.

Whilst most festivals will have charging points on site for Mobiles phones, but do take a look at investing in a solar power bank, readily available online from £12.00! Think of the selfies!!

Just imagine it. No hassle.  Spending time with your mates; loving the tunes and enjoying life.  But the last thing you want to do is finish the party before it even starts.  Make sure you take your Smart Festival ID. Imagine queuing for drinks and then the let-down that you can’t get served.

It’s easy to get your My ID card, simply click here.  Rapid same day appointments are available. Easy to arrange, with our verification team.  We are thirty minutes from Reading with good onsite parking and public transport links.